Sealing profiles for wooden windows and doors

The time of simple wooden windows and house doors without or with only one sealing level has passed long ago. Today it is a matter of course that there are at least two, or often more, different kinds of seals used for those prefabricated building units. The subjects of noise protection and windows for passive houses are advancing particularly. But also the manufacturers of milling equipment are always offering new sets which in turn require new sealing geometries. This is creating plenty of possibilities and thereby sealing profiles as well.

The processing of increasingly more complex geometries is taking over more and more room. Whereas in the Seventies and Eighties sealing profiles have still been welded to a large extent, in the Nineties of last century the processing by beveling shear and notching of the wing folding seal in the corner region began. New profiles partly require a rethinking and the return to well-established techniques.