Sealing profiles for window-systems made of plastic, aluminium, wooden aluminium and steel

Sealing profiles are expendable parts in contrast to the window and door systems in which they have been fitted. Every day they are exposed to many particular but also imperceptible forces. Seals are adjusting e.g. dimensional tolerances, sealing against cold, wind and weather, damming acoustic noise and have to resist environmental impact. Depending on stress they are failing their duties sooner or later and have to be exchanged. We offer a wide range of seals for plenty of systems and every week new seals are coming up for “old” systems. By the exchange of a used seal against a new one, you will in fact not receive a new prefabricated building unit however you may reduce your energy demand considerably. By exchanging the seals, there is the possibility to save up to 30 percent of energy, to protect the environment and to reduce your costs considerably. The most heating output in houses disappears through leaky windows and doors.

We would like to assist you in searching the right sealing profile. Simply send us a seal print by facsimile or Email, respectively a piece of sample of the profile required.